• Dempris Gasque

To Peace and Not To Pieces

Today I walked

I heard the pitter-pat of each step as I treaded on

Just feet away from the toxicity yet miles away from happiness

For the first time I laughed

I laughed from the inside at the expense of my release

This will no longer consume me, this bondage must be forgotten

I made myself a mere slave, a slave to society’s definition of success

A 401k and benefits that were never suited for me

I traded my culture for a suit because it suited success

No matter how expensive my clothes, my linen only erased my history

Generations of hurt, but today that hurt fuels strength

Patents taken, Wall Street ablaze

I am a legacy

One step closer and one step farther

Farther away from the abuses of my restraints

I will balance and I will conquer

But most important I will love me until a place of peace refusing to be broken into pieces

For entrepreneurship requires ALL of me

My wit, my professionalism, and my creativity

I am not an ingredient I am a recipe

My words are still being digested

My work, a marinate that soothes

My presence a present, a complimentary gift

I am not in the business of business

I am on the quest to grow and exponentially increase my capital, skip a tax bracket and embrace the man I am called to be

As you should embrace yourself and take a leap

A gamble, a bet on yourself that although failure is a possibility so is success

So welcome and remember love you until peace and never to pieces!

- We need you and the unique perspective your entrepreneurial venue will bring

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