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Minding My Business: The Upside of a Pandemic

According to the New York Times, the coronavirus pandemic has sickened more than 244,100 people, according to official counts. As states declare ‘a state of emergency’, and workplaces, from small businesses to large corporations close, it is important to remain safe and current on the updates being made at every level: local, state, and federal. However, you also need to concentrate on what you CAN do during this time at home. Stay indoors as much as possible, but while doing so, M-I-N-D Y-O-U-R B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S, literally.

During this crisis, there have been many devastations. Employees have been sent home, some sadly laid off while small brick and mortar businesses struggle. This is an extremely difficult time for American people and other nations as well. While this agonizing pandemic may feel extremely discouraging, it is important to understand that sustainability is more important now that ever for entrepreneurs. While there is much loss, most business training platforms to include LinkedIn have discounted and prorated courses and certificates.

You can take a certification program such as Advertising on LinkedIn, a Udemy course, or develop your business plan. While this is a tough time, please do not fail to realize that during devastations like this, we should use a percentage of our time to develop our professional skills. While many businesses are closed, ask yourself how you can automate a portion of your business or services offering them online or via phone. If your store had to close, what online service or product would sustain you? As an accountant, do you now develop online consultations and Zoom meeting conferences? As an educator, do you present a series of Webinars for parents and students? An online tutoring service that integrates the current curriculum and core competencies? Or maybe you are a lawyer and need to give legal advice over the phone to reach a new, regional or even global audience. While I am not here to give ANY legal advice, my point is that while away from your business, you should still be able to conduct business.

Don’t allow any shutdown, pandemic, or seasonal declines in sales to prevent you from growing and feeding your family. So, remember to Mind Your Business and watch as it continues to grow and flourish!

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