• Dempris Gasque

Down But Not Done

I almost threw in the towel. Pursuing my masters degree, studying for business certifications, securing my first NATIONAL partnership for my consulting firm, starting a new job, increasing my obedience and focus on my spiritual journey, and cohosting a radio show, I was TIRED. Not physically, but mentally. Drained and frustrated with myself for tolerating so much and expecting so little. I have a habit of exhausting myself until the brink of overworking and overwhelming. Then I get anxious thinking I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

Trying to juggle time with family and my career while maintaining my peace amid this quarantine has been stressful. I thought about giving up and I came close to letting this blog go, expecting grow from a seed I had just planted, but then I had to realize that I’m to plant the seed and that my efforts will stimulate the growth. In short, I don’t need to stress and think that I cannot handle something or that my work is in vain, I must trust the process.

I know it’s so cliché, but it’s the truth. I must trust and believe in myself, my effort, and the wisdom and knowledge I possess to accomplish my goals and I must also begin to know my boundaries. I should focus on balance rather than the conquering of everything all at once. It is necessary for me to take rest and I deserve it!

A lot of my work is for underrepresented populations, so I always feel the need to give everything I have, but if I do that then there’s nothing left. I am learning to allow space to rest and make it apart of my DAILY schedule.

Even if just 30 minutes of reading, a phone call with a loved one or a tv show, I allow myself to reset and just clear my mind so that I am not anxious when working on new projects.

So I challenge you to protect your peace and mental wellness by being unapologetically selfish for atleast 30 minutes a day. Your favorite hobby, tv show, book, writing outlet etc. Whatever it is that keeps you grounded, find time to use these outlets to anchor you EVERYDAY.

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